Tuesday, January 12, 2010

don't call it a comeback...

ok, admittedly, its been a while

i can't really even use christmas as an excuse
for the long absence that has kept me
from the lady blog...as its been 
since i last posted.

instead of trying to update on the previous months
how about we stick to the present
where things are good!

1. christmas and new years brought 
lots of good friends together
in our house.

doug's bro and his gf came in from calgary
and we were happy to spend lots of time
with them!

2. i've been fighting sickness for the past week,
and sunday it finally stuck.
i spent most of yesterday in bed, and drank
two huge containers of juice

now i feel like a superhero!
(on account of the sugar!)

3. last year for christmas, 
the missus got me mukluk making
classes...i kind of ditched on them

however! i spent christmas break working
on my first vamp. after near 12 hours of beading, 
here is the first one!

i shall post the progress for anyone
interested in how long it might take for
a decently busy girl to make a pair
of mukluks....hopefully i can wear them 
next winter.

4. my mac basically exploded last week
without the fire or sparks.
but, my hard drive died, so i've lost
almost everything that i've ever had.

kind of the worst feeling ever.

on that note, if anyone knows someone who
can help with CHEAP data recovery on a
mac hard drive (external, no casing)
let me know, yo!

5. i'm feeling optimistic in the new year
about work
about life
and about posting more to this damn blog

hopefully things stay interesting and the 
post will start a flowin'!

xo d.