Saturday, November 29, 2008

drink up baby

i took a big stack of cds in my car today that i used to listen to when i was in grades 11 and 12.
meaning, going back to 2002 and 2003.
yes, there was some black eyed peas and some sum 41.
i did, however, find some golden tracks that i had totally forgotten about.
enchanting emily, before the soft skeleton.

i wanted to post a video for siamese cities as well (such a great song)
i couldn't find a proper video for it though
just this
and that's too ridiculous to actually post.
xo. a

aaaaaand this because it's always been one of my favourite videos
because i'll forever have an undying love for this woman
and because elliott smith was one of the greatest musicians to live.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

multicoloured mirrors

all of my love goes out to the people in mumbai as well as the rest of the indian people of the world, vinay and his family, d (as she's been to the taj hotel,) anyone else affected by the attacks yesterday and
everyone in our global family that is affected by terrorism daily.

my heart goes out to you.

i'm finished school now until january 19, 2009. awesome
37 days until israel. even more awesome.
this woman is the most crazy yo-yo dieter ever.

how did she get thin again so fast?
bose is the cutest when she plays with her ball.

iphone quality, but it does the job.
meow meow mose.
k'naan is amazing. such honest lyrics.
if you don't know who he is yet
you should.
(although i can't stand the song soobax.)
i wouldn't mind marrying joe anderson.

in case anyone didn't know.
goodnight moon.


speak for those who can't...

one of my co-workers told me about this piece done on fifth estate last night.
if you have a half hour, please watch it. 
its shocking, and sad
how animals are still treated in movies 
and nature 'documentaries'

(this is just a portion of the documentary,
watch the rest

xo d.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a short post as i'm at work
but this video pretty much made my day
oh girls.

(i believe i had a similar reaction when i thought the power rangers died).
xo d.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

inside in, inside out.

i hit jackpot yesterday.
i'm a nerd in a big way when it comes to international current events.
this guy's nailed it.

i'll never grow tired of this;

or this;

xo. a

Monday, November 24, 2008

as hilarious as this song is meant to be
i actually enjoy it a lot

this message is brought to you by a render at denise's work
and is dedicated to my procrastinating co-writer.

had tickets to see medea tonight, don't think we'll go
on account of douglas being very busy
and me having to work on xmas presents and laundry
what a life we lead.

xo d.

quelqu'un m'a dit

i'm writing a paper again.
i procrastinate.
this = many blog posts.
last paper - 96%.
clearly procrastinating isn't hurting me yet.

..."do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

“drastic step to strip people of rights” – los angeles times
“out of state special interests have pumped in millions” – california nurses association
“major threat to basic Constitutional rights” – league of women voters
“an unnecessary initiative” – la opinión
“no person should suffer discrimination.” – league of women voters
“california laws should treat everyone equally.” – california teachers association


Sunday, November 23, 2008


this weekend consisted of a surprise drunk on friday

surprise drunk = not intending to go out or unintentionally getting drunk
which also means = a weekend of feeling like absolute shit

watched tv/lay on the couch/napped till 4 yesterday
had a serious cuddle session with my 2 bestests

spent time with mom today

for a weekend that sure started out good, i paid for it later.

(archival photo)

hope this week goes better.

happy 9 months this boy.

xo d.

open your chest and take the heart from it

at the risk of sounding repetitive;
india has found a little nook in my brain,
nestled in with a fleece blanket,
made itself nice and cozy
and has decided to stay a while.
perhaps it's because i continue to come across amazing photographers
who paint the most beautiful imaginative daydreams in my mind that seem to linger all day.
i was in starbucks the other day (actually i'm there almost everyday) and although i pay attention to the photos every time i'm there, i finally took note of the artist behind the shot.
keith levit.
he's a winnipeg photographer that sells his prints in starbucks.
he has taken the most striking photos of so many countries, including india and
(my favourite place that i've visited thus far)

a country where i ate too much,
partied so much,

saw the most amazing historical monuments,

and the world's most beautiful children

memory lane - now closed.
my roommate pointed out to me today that
elizabeth gilbert
(author of my favourite book)
has a little business.
which is intriguing,
but not nearly as much so as the release of her new book.
coming: soon.
cant: wait.

the most precious and heart filled shout out to one of a & d's favourites,
you're wonderful
we adore you
and thanks so much for the great PR!
(we hear these things...)
B L O G | L O V E

because she found this today
and it's cool

i love this woman's wardrobe.

c'est tout.
cambodia photo credit: chelsea b, amy k and myself.

Friday, November 21, 2008


three years ago, my neurls looked like this;

they're a lot bigger now, but feesh still has an unimpressed look stuck on her face
happy birthday loves
xo. a

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i love regina spektor.

she's brilliant in every way.
the tears came.
emotional release.
which is rather bizarre really, that the realness that i was wishing for yesterday,
by telephone,
greeted me the very next day.
unfortunately, it didn't feel real at all.
instead, so disappointing.
on a brighter note,
i love this girl

i hope your legs have healed by the time you have read this
xo. a


emm launches our new site
very excited!

not only did adam do a great job on our reel,
but he picked a killer song

visit for more!

first serving shift at rinkside tonight went great!

xo d.


dogum gunun kutlu olsun erkek kardesim!!!

şimdi kaş'danım diliyoruz, çunku burada hava çok soğuk....
basic english translation:
happy birthday brother bear!
xo .a
for turkish readers;
this post was difficult.
accents missing, yes. apparently blogspot doesn't like turkish?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pools of sorrows, waves of joy

while consoling lissie tonight, after her bad day, she said this to me;
"crying makes me feel alive. it makes me feel real."

these last few weeks have been grey for me
i need some real.
until that point, bose cheers me up.

i love bosey nose kisses!
xo. a

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the careful foot can walk anywhere

last night i went to visit my main man

smokey the moushas "i have soup all over my beard" bear
(along with the rest of my family of course)
it was nice, i hadn't been home in a while.

today = day dreaming.
the travel bug has consumed my soul.
although i am off to israel in (approx) a month and a half
my mind continues to wander off to exotic and exciting new places.

i've wanted to go for so, so long.
one of these days, months, (sooner than) years, i'm going to make it happen.
a friend of mine took this photo, his work is gorgeous.
take a peak...
new zealand

art so beautiful always deserves attention.
xo. a
post script: i forgot about this song
for tonight,
it's perfect.

Monday, November 17, 2008

On the 37th day of christmas my true love gave to meeee....

a pre-lit christmas treeee!

its the first xmas at the double d love nest,
and we've decided to get into the spirit a little early,
(with a little pressure from me)

douglas with our tree...still in charlie brown stages

'hang a shining star upon the highest bough...'

job well done (take note, these socks are
on my new list of favorite things

similar to oprah's)

on a not at all related note, i got another job today serving at
rinkside restaurant and bar

quite excited to start serving in the evenings again
its been a while, but i definitely miss having the tip money

training thursday/fri!

miss morden is in her namesake town tonight,
but here is hug for toi madame!

time for bathtime reads and music hour
'the curious incident of the dog in the night'
and sigur ros (as per a's last post)

night night,
xo d.

good day sunshine!

i love this.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

lucky love belongs in teenage heaven.

perhaps i should've taken notes in 1995.
after all, maybe ace of base knew what they were talking about?

"i've been dating since i was fifteen! i'm exhausted! where is he!?!?!"
...maybe charlotte wasn't so far off?

honestly though,

from a perspective much more rational than hers,
i just have one question.
forget the cowboys, they can stay put wherever they're hiding.
what i want to know is, where have all the niceboys gone?
xo. a

peppermint please?

3 of my favourite things are;
where may one find all of these sensational treats together at the same time you ask?
chapters of course!
throughout the year on any given day, a book store is always on my list of cherished spots to roam.
small, large, chain, independent, quaint, chaotic, they never fail to please.
on the holidays, however, chapters takes the cake - or shall i say, the reindeer cookie?
i do believe that i am in touch with the "true meaning of christmas", but i cannot help myself from getting distracted by the glizting glam of a commercialized holiday.
guilty of that i am.
my eyes light up like a wee pup about to go for a car ride.
wrapping paper! cards! gingerbread lattes! oh my!
despite my deepest urge to drop (waste) money on (unnecessary) christmasy goods, i settled on my very first holiday latte of the season and quickly scurried away before the situation was able to escape my control.
feeling quite proud after my breakaway, i took my festiveness out on my apartment.
tree - up.

the cats watched from the box as i got the job done.

christmas neurls!

great face feesh.

bonne nuit
xo. a

one of my most favourite songs to fall asleep to
(aside from yann tiersen)
old sigur ros never goes sour.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

she said l she said...

let us officially introduce ourselves (together, FINALLY)
ashley l denise

the mother neurl

we have matching nose rings. sometimes we wear them 'balls out' lenny kravitz style.

christmas shopping with mom and nads all day, girls night tonight. wooooo!

xo d. (and xo. a in spirit!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

sweet child...

the beginnings of my dad's christmas present,

family videos are the bestest, especially with this as the soundtrack

xo d.

feesh speaks.

morning conversations with eleanor feesh rigby,

always a good time.

xo. a

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 × 9 = 18 (1 + 8 = 9).

my wonderful friend mark and i made
90 cookies.

i got
92.5% on my arabic midterm.

i wished
90 times over that i will live my life to become half the woman that she is.


salaam alaykum
xo. a


1) it was this lovely lady's birthday last night. to celebrate, we ate my favorite thing in the world, melted cheese!

this dubious character skulked in the background

the happy family

no meal is complete without doug making this face

2) miss ashley was off making cookies all day, while i visited with maman and worked on four very secret christmas gifts...hopefully they will be done in...41 days?

3) the office in winnipeg was, i think, a little over rated. 'this could be anywhere in the world'. i guess that's the appeal of a place like our home.

4) i was talking to my parents the other day and realized at this time last year i was still living at home. these are from right before i moved in with the wonderful miss morden.

i love my sister.

"mama, you been bad. CHUNK!"

one-eyed monster?

single tear.

over the hills and far away. till next time!

xo d.