Thursday, November 27, 2008

multicoloured mirrors

all of my love goes out to the people in mumbai as well as the rest of the indian people of the world, vinay and his family, d (as she's been to the taj hotel,) anyone else affected by the attacks yesterday and
everyone in our global family that is affected by terrorism daily.

my heart goes out to you.

i'm finished school now until january 19, 2009. awesome
37 days until israel. even more awesome.
this woman is the most crazy yo-yo dieter ever.

how did she get thin again so fast?
bose is the cutest when she plays with her ball.

iphone quality, but it does the job.
meow meow mose.
k'naan is amazing. such honest lyrics.
if you don't know who he is yet
you should.
(although i can't stand the song soobax.)
i wouldn't mind marrying joe anderson.

in case anyone didn't know.
goodnight moon.



L.L. said...

I'd like to wager a guess Britney's diet involves a lot of smoking, cocaine, way too many workouts and not eating. However, even when Britney was "fat", I really didn't think she was that fat... just not very firm.

denise | ashley said...

haha well put!
definitely not fat, just fat in her world.

denise | ashley said...

this was a well crafted post. lol! i love how yours are so long and wonderful and thought out...and mine are just 'uuuuhhh, this is something neat i found! (*scratches bum*)'

brit brit is looking fab, but how long before the next trainwreck? i'd really like things to work out for her.

moses is effin the cutest cat EVER. (*neesh is a close second).

if i marry jim sturgess we could go on double dates!! ash and joe. sounds pretty good actually.

sanks for the lovely distraction, i'll be back on sunday night with photos of hilarious 'nads' running around columbia mall. wooooo!!!

xo d.

L.L. said...

It's kind of sad that for Hollywood, "fat" is just average. In Hollywood, I'm a horse. I really hope they cast me in Seabiscut two.

denise | ashley said...

haha no doubt hey,
i always think of the devil wears prada, when they call anne hathaway 'the fat girl'
i'd totally be the fat girl!