Tuesday, December 30, 2008

cause she's great...

xo. a

....i'm really hoping a lot of people know who she is.


"this cannot be the answer. there is no way that we can keep fighting to make ourselves safe - the more ammunition we throw at this, the more hatred there will be, and the less the chance for peace."
- lotahn, 27, jerusalem

i couldn't agree with this statement more.
unfortunately, as some are aware, i have canceled my trip to israel.
the events that have occurred over the past four days have broke my heart.
while stressing over my decision of whether or not to go, one main reason stuck out in my mind that allowed my final outcome to be quite clear.
i broke my toe on saturday and damaged some tendons in my foot, so i'm now a hobbler for a while.
also, my family and friends were stressing so much about this and begging me to re-consider my departure.
these are two very legit reasons to cancel a trip; a trip that would both involve a lot of hiking and perhaps risk my safety.
the deal breaker, however, for me was simply knowing that i would be having a fun vacation mere miles away from a catastrophe where people are being brutally attacked for age-old political and religious disputes.
morally, to me this isn't right.
i realize that this is a touchy subject, and i do not want to offend anyone that is reading this.
i am a person of jewish decent, which is why i was planning on going to israel, for the birthright trip.
i understand that israel is protecting her country and her people - i have read the jerusalem post many, many times over the weekend.
i just cannot comprehend how war can bring peace.
how will this solve anything?

one love.
one heart.
let's get together
and feel all right

on a lighter note,
i saw this tonight

and it is
p h e n o m e n a l

new years resolutions

1. to once again stop eating gluten
2. do more yoga
3. learn spanish
4. take advantage of winnipeg's art scene more often. this is the last year that i plan on living in this city, it's time to love it for all it's got.
5. continue to try and be a better person

buenas noches
xo. a

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i love the holidays for...

in the last two days i have re-connected with people that i have not seen in months (and years) yet still for care so much.
the second annual crossman extravaganza was last night - so much fun!
board games were played, gluehwein was drank and i laughed to the point of tears numerous times.
today i saw briar for the first time since 2004, as she lives in mexico now.
we picked up right from where we left off, as if we had seen each other yesterday.
she's even more beautiful, classy and wonderful than i remembered her to be.

tonight = feast.
i love the holidays.
xo. a

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


xo. a

we wish you a merrry christmas!

last night d and i earlized holiday style
due to the fact that i love her and she's an ex-earls girl, i brought her as my date.
the night began with some bose love


glamor shots.

co-work love

from she said|she said, a & d,
happy holidays!

xo. a

Monday, December 22, 2008


spent friday night cuddling on the couch
with my love
and watching snowflakes fall

happy 10 months to the one i love mostest
my dearest of all deers

(one more, for a)

perfect night

xoxo d.


the christmas festivities have begun!
as d mentioned, the tripod of awesome had their christmas party this past saturday.
love, gifts, a plentiful amount of food and wine was shared.

miss ally, our wonderful host.

hiding d.

visible d!

family portrait.

so excited for christmas!

d provided wine charms

d's salad with one speck of cheese.

ally's ham!


gift time.

d gave me a lamb...naturally.

her surprise gift! a mukluk class!



stockings were hung by the fire with care

the haul.

d also mentioned that our other 1/3 of the tripod of awesome is now a blogger.
c'est vrai.
read her blog daily.
subscribe to it.
she's one fantastic miss!
earls christmas party tonight - d's my date.
photos will follow.
the album, bring me your love, by city and colour is one that will never grow old of.
i'm completely in love with each and every song and although it was released quite some time ago, i still listen to it often.

my favourites.
such a fantastic voice.

i cannot wait to go to israel.
xo. a

Sunday, December 21, 2008


although she's been featured on this blog many many times
i'm honored to introduce to the blogging world
the miss miss

this lady is...

a classy broad

who loves her home, decorating, and being an all around
creative person

an amazing travel companion

1/3 of the tripod of awesome

and also happens to be my bestest friend

make sure to check her out at

we had our girl christmas party last night
a has the pics, but as its been a busy day
clothe the city was by all accounts a huge success!
(we may not see them for a while though!)

she's going back home, allykin is off to edmonton
and i'll be here basking in holiday cheer
(i watched the grinch tonight for approx the 20th time this year)
((not kidding))

2 more days of work

stay warm and cozy,
xoxo d.

Friday, December 19, 2008


d wanna be a thug.

xo. a


while driving home from work,
i put in a random, old, blank cd and this came on..

which made me think of...

i miss you so much!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this peanut of mine is thailand bound in three weeks.

i am so excited for her (although she's been there before)
and so jealous my heart actually aches.
i want to live on the beach again more than anything.

on another note,
this movie looks so great

that's all.
demetra photo credit: erin kroeker

Monday, December 15, 2008

bad girl...

i've been a very very bad girl at posting.
my co-author has been doing all the work and i vow
to start doing better.

things have been crazy over the last few weeks. i work almost every night at
rinkside and when i'm not working i'm generally working
on getting christmas ready for my loved ones.

raj and reagan are leaving on their honeymoon this week.
mazatlan for christmas and
new york for new years.


unfortunately i have other things on my mind.
after talking to my friend erin about her breakup today
and the general state of the world outside my window
(aka a fucking tundra wasteland)
i need to get out. now.



or the place where ukeleles are played....


i'll try to be better about the posting this week. talk to you soon!!

night night night.

xo d.

for "L.L"...

you've made me fall in love with him all over again

xo. a
i need to go somewhere tropical

Sunday, December 14, 2008

loser of the popularity contest...




as silly as it is, very often at 303, the tv is set to shaw: the holiday fireplace.
i had a fireplace in my last apartment
and my #1 must for my future home (one day) is a fireplace.

xo. a

Friday, December 12, 2008

remember (walking in the sand)

every morning

takes me back here


photo credit: seth womble.

tonight, while talking to stephanie, we got into a discussion about female artists.
she wanted someone new to listen to and asked me for some ideas.
i suggested
múm and to my surprise, she wasn't familiar with her.
i've been fond of this miss for years...
but for anyone else who has not yet been introduced, meet

xo. a
ps. topshop, start shipping to canada. thank you.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

damaged goods.

..anyone who receives gifts from me this year
b e w a r e
the neurls have gotten a hold of them..

brat or not, i still love her.

i'm going to watch this tonight..

xo. a