Monday, December 15, 2008

bad girl...

i've been a very very bad girl at posting.
my co-author has been doing all the work and i vow
to start doing better.

things have been crazy over the last few weeks. i work almost every night at
rinkside and when i'm not working i'm generally working
on getting christmas ready for my loved ones.

raj and reagan are leaving on their honeymoon this week.
mazatlan for christmas and
new york for new years.


unfortunately i have other things on my mind.
after talking to my friend erin about her breakup today
and the general state of the world outside my window
(aka a fucking tundra wasteland)
i need to get out. now.



or the place where ukeleles are played....


i'll try to be better about the posting this week. talk to you soon!!

night night night.

xo d.

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