Monday, January 26, 2009


meet my friend mary

i met her a few years ago through my brother tyler
together, they have studied in montreal
traveled eastern europe
and traveled turkey

on her own, however, mary has lived (and traveled) all over the world

we formed a bond this summer in vancouver

i am jealous of her life.
she is currently living in the galalopgas islands
which, for any fellow divers out there, is paradise
hello hammerheads!

anyways, she has put together a blog
so if anyone else wants to follow her adventures
aka. also be jealous of her life
click here.

xo. a

Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's all (e)rin.

such a fan.
xo. a

this is the last time i post rin on the rox
six videos now
i know you like it though...i've heard!

many months...

it seems that a lot can change in the course of a year.

11 happy months with my love...

and a happy belated one year to one of my dearest friends...

january 7th, 2008 this lamb took me in to the 303 and our friendship formed

over many breakfast of pb toast and oj

afternoons of going through closets, singing to found videos online
(usually celebrating our past)

many many hours of neurl spooning

talks of travels, friends and nothing at all

some animals in our hair

a few photo shoots

but always constant companionship and understanding

thanks for being the bestest neurl in the world, happy one year <3>

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i have a lot to blog about
but little time to do so.
for now,
i love this song very much,

this one too..

i really like this song...

this one too...
these girls are

(i got a little carried away posting 4 videos, but i watched about half of them...there's a lot!)
xo. a


today marks the beginning of change.

ooooh i found another..
for all of the girls i sing this with
amy, lisa, chelsea, D, and all of the rest of you...
i never grow tired of this song, and should
'to the left to the left'
a - it's getting old.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


al salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

wa rahmatullahi
xo. a

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ode to the days..

of living with d....
momma knows child, momma knows
xo. a

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


chris from vantage studios passed this video my way this morning
what a cool concept...although it makes me miss summer
and cute sun dresses

i think this takes the place of my other favorite 'fragrance' ad
chanel, nicole kidman, and the hot guy from love actually

back to work!! xoxo d.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009


  • best motion picture, drama
  • best director
  • best screenplay
  • best original score
i loved this movie so much, i've seen it a few times now and each time it's better.
i'm glad that those involved in the creation of it were properly rewarded for their great work.

i've started school and will have loads of homework this term, so i apologize in advance if my blogging slips. i will do my best to keep up.
unfortunately i did not accomplish my goal, and since last sunday have spent money almost daily.
i did, however, purchase an unlimited moksha yoga pass for one month. i am very excited to re-discover my prana.
my body used to so bendy,

and now it's tight locked. (archival photo)
natarajasana - i'm tackling you again.
xo. a
post script:
i love this song, always and forever.

happy birthday s'm'alix!!

to provide proof that my life isn't just reading
i went to the wonderfully beautiful, talented and kind
alix's potlache/tobboggan/dak-tastic 
birthday saturday night

here are a few snaps
it was lovely to see so many
high school faces


so, as the weekend comes to an end,
and update on my boring life
(actually not boring ... relaxing)

i finished the second and third book
in the twilight series,
and tonight i'm starting the fourth

its been a really great read
and fun to discover this little literary gem

my listening choice while reading this book is
which is interesting as i started listening to their absolution
album (which douglas got my for christmas)
before i realized that she actually
thanks the band at the end of each book

and dedicated the fourth one to them

this is the song that i think best sums up 
how i feel when reading these

enjoy and night night!

xoxo d.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

cry baby

i didn't expect much...
but this movie made me cry so hard, i was actually a little humiliated.
it has a great story. i've seen a lot of excellent films lately. i'm impressed.
xo. a

- although there wasn't a lot to read, i hope this was easier on your eyes m...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


it was brought to ally's attention at work today
that she carries a striking to a certain celebrity

so! which ones are ally and which one is celebrity?







if you guessed 3, you're correct!

to find out who it really is, click here

taking the miss out on a movie date,
twilight here i come!!!

xoxo d.

the homeland...

sometimes i really miss this crazy kid...

i vaaant to suck your blood!!

so now i can say that i've had a really good excuse for being
a little anti-social for the last few days

this book was absolutely fantastic

i've had a bit of a problem with movies 
and some books claiming to be fantasty based, but end up
being a little too based in the real world
(i.e: pan's labyrinth / bridge to teribithia)

this book definitely blended the two seamlessly
happening in a real world setting, but including characters and
scenarios that are too good to be true

i'm a little nervous about seeing the movie now 
(as i devoured the book in under 24 hours)
i've heard that it can't compare to the novel, and i believe it already

the main thing that i loved about this book was stephenie meyers
electric description of the tension between her 
two main characters

i loved the struggle between their desire to be with one another
and his lust for her blood
(perhaps i'm just a sucker for the dangerous type?)

as i was reading i would consciously realize that i had stopped breathing
i was that into the story and the chemistry between them

needless to say, i'm running out this afternoon to buy the next three books, 
because as soon as i'm done the next one, i'll want to keep going 

hanging out with the miss miss tonight
perhaps i can convince her to go to a vampire movie
otherwise, i'd be just as happy hanging watching some HGTV
oh yeah, we're that entertaining

miss ash is back at school, hope all is well!!

bye for now, xoxo d.

use your illustion

i grew up listening to rock n roll.
when i was about 3 years old, i put a concert on with all of my barbies, dancing around to guns n roses and aerosmith.
needless to say, i still really like these bands because they were a part of my life at such a very young age.
i'm really getting into this book

the writing is great
it sometimes makes me wish that i could've hung around hollywood during the 70's and 80's.
this guy's life though, is not only super interesting but
my favourite solo

never to be forgotten though...

xo. a

Monday, January 5, 2009

strawberry swing

"people follow different paths, straight or crooked, according to their temperament, depending on which they consider best, or most appropriate - and all reach You, just as rivers enter oceans."
- yogi scripture taken from eat, pray, love.

i had hot chocolate with this bird tonight;

i had lent her eat, pray, love the last time we hung out - which was about six months ago.
today, july - january, the book re-appeared back into my life, along with her company.
although they're widely dispersed throughout the year, our dates are precious.
whether with tea, hot chocolate, over looking the river or on the grass, hours go by consumed with discussions of pure nothing.
travel. flower gardens. soul. life.
dreamers, we are.
however, after these rare hours spent, i feel cleansed.
my mind is rid of any clouds or confusion that had previously entered.
i feel calm and at ease.
i'm not even sure if she reads my blog or not.
if yes, thank you for tonight.
if not, perhaps someday over the rainbow, you'll wander here while journeying through cyberspace
and know that you are appreciated.

each year, as soon as january 1st approaches, i can feel s.a.d. (seasonal affective disorder) making it's way back into my life.
endless days of -40 degree weather with nothing to look forward to but the first day that the grass peaks through the snow again are long and draining.
i developed a theory today that by eating tropical fruit, i may save myself from falling into a dark and wintercold hole.
this week - pineapple and strawberries.
next week - dragon fruit and mangoes.
stay tuned for results...

not impressed.

xo. a

Sunday, January 4, 2009


i will make sure to do a more in depth post about
the christmas festivites, but i can only
attribute my tardy posting to this...

(i rule at drumming)

secondly, i'm going to try my best to follow
miss a's lead on not spending money
with any luck at the end of february
we'll be here...

wish us luck, the save-a-thon begins


time for reading some twilight! night night!

xoxo d.

ice cube.

i got this from matt's blog,
it's an excellent site.
play the game and feed people.
i was supposed to leave for israel today.
yesterday i attended a peace rally for palestine.
...funny how things work out.

-42 in winnipeg today...
goal for this week: do not spend one penny
sunday - sunday
save time.

xo. a

Friday, January 2, 2009

paper planes


best movie i've seen in years.
y e a r s.
for serious.

you need to come home from kansas.
i hope you're thinking of me every time you hear a southern US accent.
i miss you lamb.
jewish brothers and sisters, please forgive me.
my love goes out to the innocent of palestine.

xo. a

Thursday, January 1, 2009

ode to regina

years pass
i still can't get enough of this girl
happy 2009
xo. a