Sunday, January 11, 2009


  • best motion picture, drama
  • best director
  • best screenplay
  • best original score
i loved this movie so much, i've seen it a few times now and each time it's better.
i'm glad that those involved in the creation of it were properly rewarded for their great work.

i've started school and will have loads of homework this term, so i apologize in advance if my blogging slips. i will do my best to keep up.
unfortunately i did not accomplish my goal, and since last sunday have spent money almost daily.
i did, however, purchase an unlimited moksha yoga pass for one month. i am very excited to re-discover my prana.
my body used to so bendy,

and now it's tight locked. (archival photo)
natarajasana - i'm tackling you again.
xo. a
post script:
i love this song, always and forever.

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