Thursday, January 22, 2009

many months...

it seems that a lot can change in the course of a year.

11 happy months with my love...

and a happy belated one year to one of my dearest friends...

january 7th, 2008 this lamb took me in to the 303 and our friendship formed

over many breakfast of pb toast and oj

afternoons of going through closets, singing to found videos online
(usually celebrating our past)

many many hours of neurl spooning

talks of travels, friends and nothing at all

some animals in our hair

a few photo shoots

but always constant companionship and understanding

thanks for being the bestest neurl in the world, happy one year <3>

1 comment:

denise | ashley said...

i love it!
especially the neurl spooning photo hahahaha poor bose...she's so left out in that one! her little face shows how unimpressed she is!!!
copy. paste.
i love you too little neeshy neurly bosehoofy white aboriginal princess!
(you should start wearing indian princess hair, fyi!)
that was almost an insult, calling you a white aboriginal. you represent well...dont worry.
this message is a mess.
main point - I LOVE YOU!
xo. a