Thursday, January 8, 2009

i vaaant to suck your blood!!

so now i can say that i've had a really good excuse for being
a little anti-social for the last few days

this book was absolutely fantastic

i've had a bit of a problem with movies 
and some books claiming to be fantasty based, but end up
being a little too based in the real world
(i.e: pan's labyrinth / bridge to teribithia)

this book definitely blended the two seamlessly
happening in a real world setting, but including characters and
scenarios that are too good to be true

i'm a little nervous about seeing the movie now 
(as i devoured the book in under 24 hours)
i've heard that it can't compare to the novel, and i believe it already

the main thing that i loved about this book was stephenie meyers
electric description of the tension between her 
two main characters

i loved the struggle between their desire to be with one another
and his lust for her blood
(perhaps i'm just a sucker for the dangerous type?)

as i was reading i would consciously realize that i had stopped breathing
i was that into the story and the chemistry between them

needless to say, i'm running out this afternoon to buy the next three books, 
because as soon as i'm done the next one, i'll want to keep going 

hanging out with the miss miss tonight
perhaps i can convince her to go to a vampire movie
otherwise, i'd be just as happy hanging watching some HGTV
oh yeah, we're that entertaining

miss ash is back at school, hope all is well!!

bye for now, xoxo d.

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