Sunday, December 21, 2008


although she's been featured on this blog many many times
i'm honored to introduce to the blogging world
the miss miss

this lady is...

a classy broad

who loves her home, decorating, and being an all around
creative person

an amazing travel companion

1/3 of the tripod of awesome

and also happens to be my bestest friend

make sure to check her out at

we had our girl christmas party last night
a has the pics, but as its been a busy day
clothe the city was by all accounts a huge success!
(we may not see them for a while though!)

she's going back home, allykin is off to edmonton
and i'll be here basking in holiday cheer
(i watched the grinch tonight for approx the 20th time this year)
((not kidding))

2 more days of work

stay warm and cozy,
xoxo d.

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