Monday, December 22, 2008


the christmas festivities have begun!
as d mentioned, the tripod of awesome had their christmas party this past saturday.
love, gifts, a plentiful amount of food and wine was shared.

miss ally, our wonderful host.

hiding d.

visible d!

family portrait.

so excited for christmas!

d provided wine charms

d's salad with one speck of cheese.

ally's ham!


gift time.

d gave me a lamb...naturally.

her surprise gift! a mukluk class!



stockings were hung by the fire with care

the haul.

d also mentioned that our other 1/3 of the tripod of awesome is now a blogger.
c'est vrai.
read her blog daily.
subscribe to it.
she's one fantastic miss!
earls christmas party tonight - d's my date.
photos will follow.
the album, bring me your love, by city and colour is one that will never grow old of.
i'm completely in love with each and every song and although it was released quite some time ago, i still listen to it often.

my favourites.
such a fantastic voice.

i cannot wait to go to israel.
xo. a

1 comment:

denise | ashley said...

what a frickin fabulous night!!! being surrounded by my ladies was a gift enough...
can't wait till after christmas to have you two back!! xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo d.