Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"this cannot be the answer. there is no way that we can keep fighting to make ourselves safe - the more ammunition we throw at this, the more hatred there will be, and the less the chance for peace."
- lotahn, 27, jerusalem

i couldn't agree with this statement more.
unfortunately, as some are aware, i have canceled my trip to israel.
the events that have occurred over the past four days have broke my heart.
while stressing over my decision of whether or not to go, one main reason stuck out in my mind that allowed my final outcome to be quite clear.
i broke my toe on saturday and damaged some tendons in my foot, so i'm now a hobbler for a while.
also, my family and friends were stressing so much about this and begging me to re-consider my departure.
these are two very legit reasons to cancel a trip; a trip that would both involve a lot of hiking and perhaps risk my safety.
the deal breaker, however, for me was simply knowing that i would be having a fun vacation mere miles away from a catastrophe where people are being brutally attacked for age-old political and religious disputes.
morally, to me this isn't right.
i realize that this is a touchy subject, and i do not want to offend anyone that is reading this.
i am a person of jewish decent, which is why i was planning on going to israel, for the birthright trip.
i understand that israel is protecting her country and her people - i have read the jerusalem post many, many times over the weekend.
i just cannot comprehend how war can bring peace.
how will this solve anything?

one love.
one heart.
let's get together
and feel all right

on a lighter note,
i saw this tonight

and it is
p h e n o m e n a l

new years resolutions

1. to once again stop eating gluten
2. do more yoga
3. learn spanish
4. take advantage of winnipeg's art scene more often. this is the last year that i plan on living in this city, it's time to love it for all it's got.
5. continue to try and be a better person

buenas noches
xo. a


Anonymous said...

Miss Ashley...
I am so sorry that you will not be going on your trip. But, I do understand. With a sore toe and a major threat nearby, you wouldn't want to risk your safety. That's number 1. Perhaps now you will have the extra $ to go away with me some place hot hot hot.

greg said...

i loved 7 pounds as well!