Friday, December 12, 2008

tonight, while talking to stephanie, we got into a discussion about female artists.
she wanted someone new to listen to and asked me for some ideas.
i suggested
múm and to my surprise, she wasn't familiar with her.
i've been fond of this miss for years...
but for anyone else who has not yet been introduced, meet

xo. a
ps. topshop, start shipping to canada. thank you.


L.L. said...

One female artist I really like is Tristan Prettyman. Check out her song "Shy that Way" with Jason Mraz. I have her Twenty Three album, don't have the new one yet.

denise | ashley said...

oooh i love jason mraz!
he's such a babe and i love his songs
xo. a

Anonymous said...

i absolutely revere mum!

Did you know that the girl with that beautiful tiny little voice in mum left the band?

on their newest album i believe they got a new's a good album, but i still miss the old mum.

other great female artists:
Birdie Busch
Basia Bulat
Brazilian Girls
Cat Power
Regina Spektor
The Softies (sooo good)
The Ditty Bops
The Pipettes
El Perro Del Mar
Lykke Li
Laura Marling

denise | ashley said...

cat power and regina are two of my favourites :)
lykke li is great too
thanks you!
xo. a