Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the careful foot can walk anywhere

last night i went to visit my main man

smokey the moushas "i have soup all over my beard" bear
(along with the rest of my family of course)
it was nice, i hadn't been home in a while.

today = day dreaming.
the travel bug has consumed my soul.
although i am off to israel in (approx) a month and a half
my mind continues to wander off to exotic and exciting new places.

i've wanted to go for so, so long.
one of these days, months, (sooner than) years, i'm going to make it happen.
a friend of mine took this photo, his work is gorgeous.
take a peak...
new zealand

art so beautiful always deserves attention.
xo. a
post script: i forgot about this song
for tonight,
it's perfect.

1 comment:

denise | ashley said...

i LOVE that old man!!!! soup in his beard. lol

i hope you gave bevsie and zants big hugs for me!!!

mo-town represent!!!!

xo d.