Sunday, November 16, 2008

peppermint please?

3 of my favourite things are;
where may one find all of these sensational treats together at the same time you ask?
chapters of course!
throughout the year on any given day, a book store is always on my list of cherished spots to roam.
small, large, chain, independent, quaint, chaotic, they never fail to please.
on the holidays, however, chapters takes the cake - or shall i say, the reindeer cookie?
i do believe that i am in touch with the "true meaning of christmas", but i cannot help myself from getting distracted by the glizting glam of a commercialized holiday.
guilty of that i am.
my eyes light up like a wee pup about to go for a car ride.
wrapping paper! cards! gingerbread lattes! oh my!
despite my deepest urge to drop (waste) money on (unnecessary) christmasy goods, i settled on my very first holiday latte of the season and quickly scurried away before the situation was able to escape my control.
feeling quite proud after my breakaway, i took my festiveness out on my apartment.
tree - up.

the cats watched from the box as i got the job done.

christmas neurls!

great face feesh.

bonne nuit
xo. a

one of my most favourite songs to fall asleep to
(aside from yann tiersen)
old sigur ros never goes sour.

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denise | ashley said...

its beautiful dearest!!! i can't wait to come over and see it in person!!!