Sunday, November 23, 2008

open your chest and take the heart from it

at the risk of sounding repetitive;
india has found a little nook in my brain,
nestled in with a fleece blanket,
made itself nice and cozy
and has decided to stay a while.
perhaps it's because i continue to come across amazing photographers
who paint the most beautiful imaginative daydreams in my mind that seem to linger all day.
i was in starbucks the other day (actually i'm there almost everyday) and although i pay attention to the photos every time i'm there, i finally took note of the artist behind the shot.
keith levit.
he's a winnipeg photographer that sells his prints in starbucks.
he has taken the most striking photos of so many countries, including india and
(my favourite place that i've visited thus far)

a country where i ate too much,
partied so much,

saw the most amazing historical monuments,

and the world's most beautiful children

memory lane - now closed.
my roommate pointed out to me today that
elizabeth gilbert
(author of my favourite book)
has a little business.
which is intriguing,
but not nearly as much so as the release of her new book.
coming: soon.
cant: wait.

the most precious and heart filled shout out to one of a & d's favourites,
you're wonderful
we adore you
and thanks so much for the great PR!
(we hear these things...)
B L O G | L O V E

because she found this today
and it's cool

i love this woman's wardrobe.

c'est tout.
cambodia photo credit: chelsea b, amy k and myself.

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