Thursday, November 13, 2008


1) it was this lovely lady's birthday last night. to celebrate, we ate my favorite thing in the world, melted cheese!

this dubious character skulked in the background

the happy family

no meal is complete without doug making this face

2) miss ashley was off making cookies all day, while i visited with maman and worked on four very secret christmas gifts...hopefully they will be done in...41 days?

3) the office in winnipeg was, i think, a little over rated. 'this could be anywhere in the world'. i guess that's the appeal of a place like our home.

4) i was talking to my parents the other day and realized at this time last year i was still living at home. these are from right before i moved in with the wonderful miss morden.

i love my sister.

"mama, you been bad. CHUNK!"

one-eyed monster?

single tear.

over the hills and far away. till next time!

xo d.

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denise | ashley said...

that last face is a weeeeeeeeee bit scary!!