Friday, November 7, 2008

joy to the world...

well, as we saw in ashley's first post, winter is definitely here...with a vengence! i couldn't believe it when i looked out my window this morning, but there it was, about a tonne of white floofy stoofy snow!

i actually really love winter. going for strolls and coming in with prickly cheeks then warming up with hot chocolate and an evening of planet earth (aka, giving god a high five). 

but the fact that i had to jump a friends car this morning reminds me of the dark side of winter, the side that i'd rather not think about.

for now, coffee/cinnamon bun breakfasts and sweater capes keep the bad thoughts at bay. i can only wonder, for how long?



denise | ashley said...

cute face d.

El Grande Boss con Hot Sauce said...

really enjoying your blog goils. I wish I was so devilishly gorgeous and so lyrical. Sigh. I'll simply enjoy yours.