Tuesday, November 11, 2008


d posts party photos.
currently, all i can provide is study photos.
it feels like forever that i've been working on this paper
christian missionaries - difficult to write about!
the current state of my desk...

being a neat freak and all, its never this messy
(it's driving me crazy...and yes that's facebook. i procrastinate.)

sources upon sources
paper writing requires a thinking cap, always.
my original thinking cap left with d when she moved out, so this large childish toque will have to do...

despite what i'd like to believe, it doesn't really work.

current playlist:

old modest mouse - fantastic.

here's to hot chocolate, tunes and a long night of editing.
xo. a

post script:
matt, you are lovely.

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denise | ashley said...

hurray for finishing your paper!!! sooooo close! xo