Thursday, November 13, 2008

keeps gettin' better...

yup, i'm referring to
music snobs, eat your heart out.
i got her new album today, keeps gettin better: a decade of hits.
great flashback.
this woman's amazing; she's always hot, so confident with herself and her body and can really really sing.
i'll forever love her.

other great things that happened today were...
1) i handed my paper in. finally.
2) it was half off sushi night (yummmmy.)
my favourite (female) asian

my darling brother

and bestest best, amy (mid chew), joined me, eating a delicious and rather cheap feast.

3) fiona and i also had the joyous privilege of welcoming the shaw man back into our humble home so he could grant my wish.
we have cable again!
just in time for charlie brown trees, red ryder bee bee guns and uncle frank.

as winnipeg got rained on tonight,
4) 303 got festive.

even the neurls got a baby tree.

mine goes up on saturday!

5) a miss turned 23 today.

happy birthday pretty kin!!!!!!!!!

aaaaaaand just because they're my babies;
6) neurls.

goodnight moon.
xo. a


denise | ashley said...

i love that your house is christmas already!!! i think i'm going to take douglas this weekend and start to get everything twinkly and sparkly in our house!! i'm so excited! xo

denise | ashley said...


a) bose is the sweetest thing ever. i want to shake her face.

b) the white is a fool.

xo d.

L.L. said...

Hey.. I like this blog. I also shamelessly adore Christina Aguilera. You're not alone!!