Friday, November 7, 2008

quiet is the new loud...

...for tonight anyways

accomplished today:
  • many monotonous hours of research (mainly procrastination.)
  • leaving my cozy apartment to brave the first of too many bitter, frigid, and icy cold days that only one great city has to offer.
  • dressing with feather, to make my mood warmer.
  • loving neurls.

neurl: n.v. neurl-y, neurl-afied.
a unique form of cat with a witty personality and a never ending amount of shed fur.

these two will make appearances quite frequently most likely.

not accomplished today:
  • attending kendra's birthday party.
i'm sorry
headacheheadacheheadache = early bed

two other things to mention;
this kid is unreal
last year, today, i was


xo. a


denise | ashley said...

oh those girls, how i love them so. i'm going to have to come over this weekend for a visit. they miss their auntie i fear.

denise | ashley said...

they do
come over today?