Wednesday, December 10, 2008

advertising rocks...

i went to the cannes lions 2008 commercial showing at
the winnipeg art gallery
i've been the last few years and i 
usually like to share
some of my favorites

first off, this relates to ashley's last post
as the song used in this commercial is from her last post
(i KNEW i recognized it from somewhere!)
amazing idea for a refreshing commercial

maybe this one is only funny to me,
but i thought it was quite clever

this one made me laugh quite a lot
as there is nothing i love more
then puppies
(sorry doug)

i've seen this one before
but its nice to be reminded of a gooder

great twist on a car commercial

and last but not least, my favorite of the evening

these are only a select few of some of the amazing commercials that were shown tonight
if you get the chance to go during the next week,
take advantage!

visited with doug's rents tonight
and went shopping at the bay downtown
60% off christmas decor. yes!

i accidently blew the power in the bathroom so i'm going to have a candle shower
it is not as sexy as it might seem
as i'm afraid of getting soap in my eyes

night night night

xo d.

1 comment:

denise | ashley said...

d, this is my favourite of all of your posts thus far!
i love the singing pups
but most of all, i love the commercial that features my newest favourite song. it's beautiful
xo a. lovelovelove.