Friday, December 5, 2008

Be Kind Winnipeg...

its been one week since Elemental Motion Media
and SkyCandy Inc. launched our campaign::

we've had our messages on the digital sign outside the
Winnipeg Winter Club

everyday we post a new challenge of kindness
they look like this!

but we're still hoping to get more people interested
as well as share their stories of kindness
over the holiday season

listen, the world can be a pretty scary place.
just watch the news or read a headline
especially in recent months.

this is something that you can do to make the world
around you a better place
the challenges aren't hard, 
but they can truly make a difference to the people around you
(or people you don't even know)

so put a smile on your face,
say good morning to a stranger
and keep a good feeling in your heart

xo d.

1 comment:

denise | ashley said...

oh d, this is why i love you
xo a.