Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ooooh baaab...

decided to head down to the states for a little getaway
with the fam and the misses

of course, ally could only get a half day off work, so we missed
the employee trampling deals!

the miss shows her patriotism through beverage choice

we chose the wrong line. effin left.

we got there just in time to go to garnet's favorite restaurant

c'mon in and help yourself to a handful of peanuts

and then throw the refuse on the ground!

ally taking part in the american fun
(apparently they used to do this at Montanas,
for shame)

hayley and nadine are minors,
no delicious caesars for them!

for ashley
"the animal"

a white drive to fargo,
everything was frosty!

i considered buying this vase that looked like a vagina
(*not really)

i like this blanket,
i wore it like polar bear pelt

ally takes forever to change

downtown fargo for anitques and
vintage collectables

some ladies stopped and asked if we wanted them to take our picture,
at least i think thats what they said,
i couldn't understand the accent

ooooooh, i laaave yer coooooaaaaat!

ally starting a new trend

check out that duck,
he's chillin

the owl isn't scared of the pistols

jingle bell rock
(we spent approx 3 hours in target)

no thank you!!

what a fool...

came home to help mom decorate the tree and basement
plus wrapped many of my presents...
i am christmas keen this year

carrie underwood concert tonight
getting back into the server groove not as easy as i thought
almost fell asleep watching water for KD boiling
time for sleep

sweet dreams all

xo d.

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