Tuesday, April 7, 2009


its been a while since posting
work work work
makes life not so much fun

but there are still things making me happy
and tempting me to steal time away from
working to make all kinds of wonderful things

here are some of the crafty projects
currently taking up space in my noggin

a beautiful baby quilt for my
glowing boss lori

(above is not a baby quilt...i want it for myself)

some cut out forrest themed art
inspired by one of my new favorite sites

finishing my semi started mukluks 
(i'll go back to the class in the fall,
but work on them during the summer)

(*not pictured, as i suck and am not even
close to being done them....)

and finally, i'm not making these,
but they are my favorite new item
doug bought them for me on ebay

the dearest deers!

till next time! xo d.

p.s....its almost spring!!! bikes rides yay!!!

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Juniperberry said...

Yes Yes Yes! Bike rides.