Friday, August 14, 2009

cruel cruel summer...

i'd like to think that as winnipeggers, 
we're rewarded once a year for living 
in winnipeg with a magical and 
WARM summer

this is not the case.
it did make for an amazing
red wine date with super (cape)
friends d+a on the balcony

here are some of the reasons i haven't 
posted in forever.


kuno, swiss brother and lifelong friend
came and spent 39 days here

it was amazing having him back
but it made for a very very busy 
few weeks. 

we went to falcon lake with his whole family, 
went on a roadtrip to paint lake and thompson, 
and lots of other fun winnipeg stuff!

oh, his brother got married to a winnipegger!

(also, one of my dearest friends from new brunswick came to visit!
just for one day.... :'( )

erin lived in appenzell too, but instead of being a maid,
she got to attend school with kuno

...she bought this dress for real...and wears it out. love her!


concerts. i went to a ton of them this summer.

bloc party, tv on the radio, coldplay (row 18...still not as cool as 5)

and the crew of no doubt!! (love the new single)


VEGAS!! 21 family members for my little sis' 21st.
crazy traveling with so many people

unfortuantely my camera died halfway through the trip!!


it was this handsome mans dirty turdy birthday (aka 30th)

i'm dating an old man, and i love it (and him).


i'm now using this blog as a forum to say
i miss this lady. more hangouts.

thats all i've got for now. taking doug darling 
out this evening for a fancy schmancy birthday dinner!

peace and love peas and lurve!!!

xoxo d.

oh. p.s on a sad note, my little fishy friend 
marty mcfish floated on up to the fishbowl in the sky.

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