Monday, August 31, 2009

now my feet won't touch the ground...

happy fall
the drift has changed
the air is crisp at night
farewell summer, feel you next year.

life is beautiful.
i am in a space right now where i feel that i am almost too happy
like something is bound to fall out of place
or off kilter
i am perfectly balanced
thank you karma, i could not ask for more.

i've been going to yoga a lot lately and really enjoying it
i dream of going to a warm place, serene with foliage and beauty
to practice
open my heart
listen to my prana
i want to do this...
(thanks mb for the inspiration)
i've taken a lovah.
thanks for this one too mb...
it's my background on my berry!
enjoy the warmth well it lasts...
be well
xo. a

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