Saturday, August 1, 2009

orange sky

lately it feels more like fall than summer in winnipeg
i wake up every morning at 5:30am for work and it's freezing.
this weather makes me crave
folk music
ever so often i fall for yael naim
she's darling and making many appearances on my latest playlists
please enjoy some frebrew.

my grandma is in the hospital right now and about 2% alive
we will lose her any now
i feel like there is a hole in my family
such is life
such is sad
i just went for my first run in forever long. seeing her suffer and fade away has forced me to detox
to try and take care of my body better
and live a healthier lifestyle
i am quite healthy already - but there's always room for improvement non?
lets just say....the run was painful
day by day = improvement.

away we go - great movie. even better soundtrack.

films to see
paper heart
500 days of summer
taking woodstock
the time travelers wife

goodnight dears
xo. a

rumor has it, k'naan is coming to winnipeg?!?! amaze.

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