Friday, August 7, 2009

i've been making up my world, i've been painting it with gold...

like a dove, my sweet grandma passed with grace last saturday.
she was one of the strongest, most creative and extraordinary women that i have met and i will miss her so much.
God bless her soul.

as promised,
apartment photos!
living room
(i need a new tv)
thai ellie
turkish twin meows
my bedroom window
when i moved in the cupboards were brown and not very attractive
after much work, it looks a lot brighter and cleaner now!
i spend hours on here drinking coffee, tea, red wine...anything.
prayer flags
spreading good karma and loving prayers all over winnipeg

there is still some work that must be done,
all in all though i am quite cozy in my new humble home.

the neurls were acting up while unpacking...
box bed.
after furmination,
a furball on eleanor's head makes for a beautiful hat.

rainy cold days
....onto cooking up a storm...

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